A grab & go bagel shop






Rolled by hand

Ruled by Love

"What do you eat for breakfast?" 

"I don't know. A bagel?"


They're Pretty

Bagel - Malted dough boiled in sweetened water then crisped on the bottom from a healthy shmear of Crisco. Its the fried chicken of bagels.

Biscuits - Three flours, two fats, one love.

B'donut - baked doughnut - its healthy - cause its baked - or not - cause I add a boatload of brown butter - so maybe don't question and just eat it - have I steered you wrong before? 


Throwing a Bagel Party?

We Can Do That



"Downtown Julie Brown that's good."

— everyone when you get it hot from the oven

If I can shove my hands in it, I'm there

We went ahead and made the best pizza we could at Pizzeria Faulisi so why not make the best bagel, biscuit (okay maybe not better than grandma's), and b'donut around. We love dough. Putting tasty things on it and in it. Opening one restaurant was a breeze, so easy and painless. Lets do it again. Thanks and apologies in advance.

- Faulisi